Episode Number: 11
Season: 1
Production Number: 111
Airdate: January 21, 2007
Previous Episode: Skull Boys Don't Cry
Next Episode: Happy Yam Ween


A little rabbit appears on Ruby's doorstep and everyone thinks he's so cute. But then, Doom Kitty sees the rabbit stealing stuff from the house. But when she tells the others about it, they think she's just jealous. Now, Doom Kitty must find a way to prove to everyone that the so called "cute little bunny" is nothing more then a dirty, rotten little thief.

Opening Sketch

Skull Boy and Scaredy Bat talk about how to remodel a bird house.

Closing Sketch

Iris talks about how to take care of dust bunnies.


  • Goof: Misery is disappointed that they have to go back inside when it starts to rain, but in Gloomer Rumor she hated rain.
  • One scene where Doom Kitty is looking at the painting of her and Ruby together marks the first time that someone, other than Misery, has cried.


  • The game the gang plays in this episode, "Detective Danger", is a spoof to the popular board game, "Clue".

Skull Boy’s Persona


This Episode Revolves Around

Doom Kitty

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