Episode Number: 31/32
Season: 2
Production Number: 211/212
Airdate: March 16, 2008
Previous Episode: Pet Poepulation
Next Episode: Beat Goes On


In this special musical episode, Skull Boy is still trying to figure out where he came from. His friends try to help, but they only make things worse. Skull Boy realizes that he must leave his friends in order to figure out who he is. While he's gone, Ruby and the others realize that life is no fun without Skull Boy and so they travel to the city to try and find him.

Opening SketchEdit


Closing SketchEdit



  • In the big song at the beginning, when Scaredy Bat sings, "Wish I Could Stay", he doesn't have his Indian accent.
  • The first one-hour special



Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit


This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Skull Boy

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