These two sisters are Misery's cousins, who, when both are together, cause a localized ice age. Despite their faults, Misery loves her cousins. They first appeared in Misery Loves Company. Later, they're seen in I'll Be Home For Misery and make a cameo appearance in Last Train To Gloomsville, but no speaking role.

Malady Edit

Malady is the one character that is more disease-prone than her cousin, Misery. She broke her right arm. She apparently suffers from every known disease, ailment, illness, symptom and allergy almost simultaneously, and when asked about them, she runs through all the events and procedures that lead to one injury, which usually lasts hours until the conclusion. Spending time with her alone will cause a tremendous headache, as experienced by Poe.

Malaise Edit

Malaise suffers from narcolepsy and can often be seen lying on a couch or bed or even asleep on the floor randomly. She is accompanied by many creatures like a snake, spiders, an octopus, snails and butterflies which usually attach themselves to the full-body veil she wears. The pupils in her black eyes are red instead of white like Misery's. Spending time with her alone will lose steam, as experienced by Iris.

Trivia Edit

Malady Edit

  • Malady was voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Her name means disease.
  • It is theorized that when an acorn falls on her head, she lost most of her vitemins, resulting in scurvy.
  • Malady is likely older than Malaise.
  • She is used to cold, though she still gets sick because of it.

Malaise Edit

  • Malaise was portrayed by Sarah Gadon.
  • Her name means uneasiness. This is referred to how she has hard time staying awake.
  • Her red eyes may actually due to her tiredness.
  • Her full-body veil makes her look ghostly.
  • Her lack of speed makes it able for her to walk on ice.

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