Morose is Misery's aunt, appeared in I'll Be Home For Misery. Truly goth, Morose has dyed green/black hair and green and black striped stockings. Very thick streaks of eye shadow run down her face. She is also a singer who unlike Misery, can sing while awake and performs a song with Frank and Len while playing keyboards. The boys love it until their house falls in around her. One of Morose's only happy moments all episode is here when she said "cool... another verse?".

Trivia Edit

  • Her name means sullen and ill-tempered.
  • Her name was mentioned in Sunny Daze, but she didn't make a physical appearance.
    • This is mostly because Ruby, Skull Boy and Iris were underground.
  • Myopic, Malice and Misbegotten might actually be Morose's daughters, because they're usually seen running around her.
    • Plus, a doll was attached to her, which likely doesn't belong to her due to her age.

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