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The triplets are little kids that seem pretty happy for members of the misery family. They wear black clothes and have short brownish hair with wingless bees on them. They don't have veils, perhaps due to their sizes. They dance and laugh around Morose leading Morose to wail "Children, Cheerful, Playful Children... Why?! Why?!"

Trivia Edit

  • Their names mean nearsighted, ill will, and badly conceived.
    • Their names apparently don't match their childish and cheerful personality.
  • The triplet might actually be Morose's daughters.
  • They're the only relatives without tears.
  • They are the smallest and the youngest of the relatives.
  • The triplets have no difference other than their names. Therefore, it is unknown which is which.
  • One of the triplets (could be Myopic) likes cats, including Doom Kitty.

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