Ruby Gloom
Aliases: Doll Face
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10
Alignment Good
Personality Friendly, nice, polite, cheerful, sometimes insane
Family Doom Kitty (pet)

Sam Gloom (father)

Audrey Gloom (mother, deceased)

Hair Color: Red
Allies: Doom Kitty, Iris the Cyclops, Misery the Banshee, Skull Boy (sometimes a love interest), Poe the Raven, Scaredy Bat, Boo Boo the Ghost, Mr. Buns, Audrey Gloom, Sam Gloom
Enemies: Pearl Bitterman, Zu'Karo
Likes Her friends, Being kind, her parents, flirting with skull boy
Dislikes Bullying, Audrey's death
Eye Color: Black
Debut: Gloomer Rumor
Voice Actor: Sarah Gadon (original series)

Ruby Gloom is the title character and protagonist in the animated television series of the same name. She lives in a Victorian mansion with her friends in Gloomsville. She has red hair, wears a black dress and has striped leggings and short black Mary Jane shoes with a skull decoration on them. She is known for her friendly personality and functions as the voice of reason. She has a crush on Skull Boy and has a pet black cat named Doom Kitty.

Ruby enjoys knitting, baking, fresh laundry, and writing in her diary. In the episode "Gloomer Rumor", Iris reads the diary and thinks Ruby is moving away, Frank and Len only hear a portion of the conversation and believe that she is dying.

Her interest in Skull Boy has been revealed in many episodes, and even a couple of the opening and closing sketches, such as "Fun with Paper". (Ruby and Skull Boy's relationship)



  • In the animated television series, her voice actor, Sarah Gadon, also voices Beth from Total Drama.