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About Ruby Gloom

Ruby Gloom is a Gemini Award-nominated television show based on an apparel franchise. The show is produced by Nelvana and began airing on October 13, 2006, in Canada on the YTV network. This show stars the voices of Sarah Gadon, Emily Hampshire, and Peter Keleghan.

Franchise Origins

The Ruby Gloom apparel franchise that led to the television show was created by the American company Mighty Fine, and is part of a stationery franchise, usually featured on pencil cases and backpacks. Recently this product line has been expanded to clothing, keychains and plush toys. The character of Ruby Gloom is a small girl with bright red hair wearing a black dress with red-yellow socks. She is usually accompanied by her pet cat, Doom Kitty, and is described as "The Happiest Girl in the World."


In a Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Gloomsville lives Ruby Gloom. Some kids might be afraid of the dark, the eccentric neighbours and the unknown things that dwell in the closet, but Ruby is different - she befriends these strange and sometimes scary creatures. In fact, Ruby finds them all delightful. She pays no attention to their unusual appearances, perceptive only to their hearts and souls. As Ruby likes to point out "Always look on the bright side - unless of course the dark side is your bright side and that's okay too!" Ruby's perfect day is a gloomy one, full of creativity and adventure with her offbeat circle of friends.

Theme Song

So today we're gonna
Take the time to show ya
The b-b-bright side of the dark side

And we think you outta
Know you really gotta
See the b-b-bright side of the dark side

Ruby Gloom

We're gonna show you why
There's more than meets the eye
The b-b-bright side of the dark side

And we think you outta
Know you really gotta
See the b-b-bright side of the dark side

Ruby Gloom
Ruby Gloom


  • The Gloomsville mansion's doorbell sound effect is the same as used for the doorbell of Beetlejuice's house in the animated series of the same name (another connection between the two is that Robin Budd was the director of both shows).
  • Siren is a song performed by Nana Kitade. This was used for the theme song of the Japanese release of Ruby Gloom.
  • Ruby Gloom was originally created by Martin Hsu and sold to Nelvana.

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