Ruby's Opinion of Skull Boy

There has been several subtle hints that Ruby may have a crush on Skull Boy.In episode Quadro-Gloomia,while Frank and Len were inside Ruby's mind, as Skull Boy goes up to Ruby to ask a favour, it appeared as though Skull Boy was walking on air and everything was coloured in pink. Ruby, as she was daydreaming about him did not hear what he just said until she snapped out of it. When Skull Boy said he wanted to ask her an important question, her heart beated even louder and she had hearts in her eyes.But it turned out that he was just asking her to turn the music page.Also in episode Forget Me Not, as Skull Boy was explaining about the characters' personality in a soap opera, which seemed to be related to them, Ruby stated the romantic intrest, refering to him and her.In another episode Sunny Daze, she nearly revealed her feelings to Skull Boy but was interupted twice when she tried to. In Missing Buns, she tried to hug Skull Boy to thank him but because he was probraly shy, he quikly changed back to his persona in that episode, a private investigator. He, however did let Ruby hug him in Out of This World and in Last Train To Gloomsvile. As Venus tries to think of a story, she imagines Skull Boy, the prince falling in love with Ella who is played by Ruby. In episode Once in a Blue Luna, when she got scared of hearing about the Luna Monster, she hid behind Skull Boy. In Hair(Less):The Musical, she nearly said,"When you love something set free." but quickly changed it to "When you like something set it free." Her intrest in Skull Boy has been seen in some opening and closing sketches such as "You are what you Eat" in Pet Poepulation and "Fun with Paper" in Happy Yam Ween.

Skull Boy's Opinion of Ruby

Skull Boy has shown some affection to Ruby. One example is when he was doing a play, Basil and Rosemary which was being directed by Poe, he was nervous and started to blush when Poe told him to show more affection to 'Rosemary', played by Ruby. He got even more nervous when Poe asked him to kiss Ruby but then Poe dissmised the idea saying it was an old one (Ruby Cubed). Another is when Ruby wanted to hug him to thank him for finding Mr. Buns but because he was probraly shy, he changed back into a private investigator. But he did let Ruby hug him on two ocassions.He was smiling nervously when Ruby asked him to hold onto her to help Scaredy Bat to get back into the house as they were going into outer space. (Out of This World) When he wants to thank her, he usually does it nervously, indicating he may have a crush on her and vice-versa (Déjà Vu - Again and Science Fair or Foul). He also seemed very intrested in what Ruby was about to tell him in Sunny Daze. He usually prefers to ask Ruby for advice than others unless it is about her.

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