Episode Number: 10
Season: 1
Production Number: 110
Airdate: January 14, 2007
Previous Episode: Quadro-Gloomia
Next Episode: Bad Hare Day


It's club day in Gloomsville and everyone has made up their own club, except for Skull Boy who can't think of a club that really suits him. Then he meets a group of skeletons who love to play jazz and he decides to form a jazz club. But whenever Skull Boy tries to introduce the skeletons to his friends, they disappear and Skull Boy's friends start thinking that he made them up.

Opening SketchEdit

Ruby talks about the fun stuff you can do while doing the laundry.

Closing SketchEdit

Misery does a ventriloquist act.


  • The clubs the gang make up:
    • Ruby, Iris and Misery make up a club called "Hair today, gone tomorrow" where they have fun with their hair.
    • Poe's club is called the "Read Poe society" where you read books that Poe has written
    • In Frank and Len's club, they go around spreding music to everyone.
    • Boo-Boo creates a fright club where he scares Scardey Bat, who gets terrifeid by it.
    • Doom Kitty and Mr. Buns create a club where all they do is play.
  • This is the first time Misery laughs.
  • When the gang is walking under the moonlight, Ruby, Iris and Misery do not have the tall haircuts they had in the graveyard.
  • Skele-T and the Skele-Tunes Debut


  • Branch Not Taken refers to the poem "The Road Not Taken."
  • Red Poe Society refers to the movie "Dead Poet's Society"
  • This episode's title is a spoof to the movie, "Boys Don't Cry", starring Hilary Swank.

Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit

Jazz Musician

This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Skull Boy

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